Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the U.S. The procedure is simple. A laser or highly concentrated light is beamed into the hair follicle, and the pigment in those follicles absorbs the light, which destroys the hair and the follicle. The treatment is repeated in intervals to treat the hair in its actively growing cycle. 

There are many benefits of laser hair removal. Not only can you stop treating unwanted hair at home but you can benefit from the precision that only a laser can provide, all while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged or injured. With laser hair removal, you also benefit from the power of speed. Large areas of the body, like the legs or back, can be treated in about 30 minutes. Most patients have 80-90% permanent hair loss after an average of 6 sessions and an average of 1-2 times a year maintenance.  

At Coastal Aesthetics we offer Soprano ICE, the latest laser system available from Alma Lasers. It utilizes Super Hair Removal (SHR) and in-motion technology for smoother results while providing minimal to no discomfort. Patients love that it’s virtually pain-free thanks to the cooling pumps within the applicator. In addition, the SHR technology has been clinically proven to offer the highest coverage rates. That means it provides you with even smoother results while also maintaining performance and safety.

Soprano ICE is raising the bar for laser hair removal. It is proven safe and effective for all body parts, and has been approved for all skin types, (even tanned skin!). Meaning you can now book your laser hair removal service any time of year. Call us today to get started!

What are common treatment areas for laser hair removal?

Patients are often curious about what areas this treatment can be used on. Laser hair removal is highly effective and the process is gentle enough to be used on the body’s most sensitive areas including the Brazilian, lip, and ears. The most popular areas include:

  • Face (chin, sideburns, upper lip)
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Bikini Area/Brazilian 

In addition to these parts of the body,  laser hair removal is also a fantastic option for those areas where you have stubborn hair growth that isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Such as the tops of the toes, stomach, or buttocks. The talented medical team at Coastal Aesthetics can answer all your questions about what areas can be safely treated and help you establish your customized treatment plan at your consultation.

Coastal Services Pricing Guide
Coastal Services Pricing Guide

Smooth Skin

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The Common FAQs About Laser Hair Removal

Am I a good candidate?

Thanks to advances in technology, most men and women can now be considered suitable candidates for laser hair removal. Patients with darker hair and lighter skin typically achieve the best results with the fewest number of treatments. However, all skin types and hair colors can still see a dramatic reduction in their hair growth. During your initial consultation, the team at Coastal Aesthetics will assess your skin type to determine the appropriate laser settings for your treatment.

What is the treatment like?

Does it hurt? This is the most common question asked about laser hair removal. Although everyone’s pain tolerance is different, this treatment is tolerated well by most patients and we consider it to be virtually pain-free. The staff at Coastal Aesthetics will make your comfort our top priority as we want you to be as relaxed as possible during your treatments.

What is recovery like?

Everyone’s skin is different, but this treatment is so gentle we can say there is very little to no downtime. The skin may be slightly pink for a few hours after but typically patients report the skin feeling soft and smooth.

How many sessions are needed?

Every patient is different and so is their hair health and growth. Your specific treatment plan will depend on the areas you want treated and your unique hair growth patterns. On average, 6 treatments typically scheduled 6-8 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results. The treatment intervals allow hairs to be targeted while they are in active growing phases, as the treatment is more effective on hair actively growing than hair in a dormant stage.

Are the results permanent?

One important distinction to make when you schedule your laser hair removal service is that this service is explicitly intended to reduce hair growth and although it will significantly reduce the number of hairs growing on the treated areas, it may not always result in the permanent removal of 100% hair loss (there is nothing available to produce 100% permanent reduction). The technology of laser hair removal works by targeting and destroying the hair follicles. Once the hair follicle is destroyed, it will never grow hair again. However, the human body is a miracle, and at times new hair follicles may develop in the future. If this happens, you won’t need to restart the whole process over again but simply make an appointment for a maintenance treatment.

Why Should I Choose Coastal Aesthetics

Laser hair removal is something we all consider at some point and whether you just want to simplify your grooming routine or need to get rid of unwanted hair, Coastal Aesthetics offers the latest and greatest in laser hair technology with SopranoICE, Aesthetic award winner for fastest and least painful laser. 

Since 2017, Kimberlee Smith, FNP and her team have been serving the coastal York Maine community. Patients love working with the medical staff at Coastal due to their acute attention to detail, precision treatment, and attentive patient care. Our team seeks to improve upon natural beauty. We have a reputation for excellence and we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself. 

Kimberlee has a medical background in urgent care, but as she moved into the Medical Aesthetics world she received advanced training at the Esthetics Skin Institute and National Laser Institute in Boston, MA. She has also earned the elite status of Master Injector from the prestigious Allergan company. Quality service, safety, and optimal patient care are her primary concerns, which is why she only works with the best of the best. You’re going to love the whole team.  

Are you ready to see what a difference Coastal Aesthetics can make for you? We want you to look and feel your best. When you come in for your consultation you’ll be able to ask any questions you have and our professional staff will help you establish a treatment plan for your optimal results. You won’t be disappointed. Call us now to book your consultation and start your journey to a better you today!

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