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Loose Skin Overview

Loose skin is a common concern for many people for a host of different reasons. Aesthetically, loose skin can be unsightly and may cause people to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their appearance. These feelings can lead to a negative body image, even for individuals who have successfully lost weight.

The team at Coastal Aesthetics understands the frustrations and feelings associated with loose skin concerns, and we are pleased to offer a variety of effective treatments that ease loose skin. 

What Causes Loose Skin

The main reason why loose skin occurs is due to a loss of skin elasticity. Skin elasticity refers to the ability of the skin to stretch and then return to its original shape. Young, healthy skin contains a lot of elastin and collagen fibers, giving way to good elasticity levels. However, as we age or undergo changes in our body, such as rapid weight loss, pregnancy, or hormonal changes, these fibers become damaged, and the skin can lose elasticity.

In the case of rapid weight gain and loss, for example, the skin may not be able to shrink to a new size, resulting in excess or loose skin. In addition, when we lose weight, some of the underlying fat helps keep the skin stretched and taut diminishes, and the skin has little structural padding to keep it firm. Other factors contributing to skin elasticity loss include genetics, sun damage, smoking, and poor nutrition. These factors can damage the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, making them less firm and elastic over time.

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How to Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss

While it may not be possible to completely avoid loose skin after weight loss or with aging, there are preventative steps you can take to help minimize its appearance, includding:

  • Losing weight gradually rather than rapidly
  • Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine
  • Staying hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day
  • Avoiding smoking and excessive sun exposure
  • Using moisturizers and sunscreen to keep your skin healthy and hydrated
  • Treating the skin to collagen-stimulating procedures

Treatments For Loose Skin

At Coastal Aesthetics, we offer three non-invasive treatments to improve the look of loose skin, Accent Prime, Opus Plasma, and microneedling.

Accent Prime

Accent Prime is the world’s most advanced body contouring and skin-tightening system. The dual capabilities of radiofrequency and ultrasound heating set it apart. In addition, the design features Alma’sAlma’s patented unipolar technology. 

This technology offers three levels of penetrating depth (the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis). In addition, unipolar technology allows for customized treatments tailored to a patient’s specific skin and body contouring goals. This technology allows practitioners an even greater spectrum of treatment options to customize treatments for optimal patient results.

Accent Prime is a non-invasive treatment that uses advanced ultrasound technology to tighten loose skin. The device delivers ultrasound waves into the skin, stimulating collagen production and skin tightening. Accent Prime can be used on various body areas, including the face, neck, arms, abdomen, legs, buttocks, and thighs.

During the treatment, a handheld device targets specific areas of loose skin. The device emits ultrasound waves that penetrate deep into the skin, heating the tissue and stimulating collagen production. This process helps to tighten and firm up loose skin over time, resulting in a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Opus Plasma

Opus Plasma by Alma Lasers is a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing the skin resurfacing industry for the face and body. It is the first and only unipolar radiofrequency treatment that can treat uneven skin tone, texture, stretch marks, scars, and skin laxity—the results from this fractional plasma treatment rival aggressive ablative CO2 lasers with minimal downtime. Opus Plasma can be used on the face, neck, and body.

Clients love Opus Plasma as a treatment for loose skin because it requires half the downtime compared to the lengthy recovery times of traditional ablative CO2 skin resurfacing treatments.

Opus Plasma is a non-surgical treatment that uses plasma technology to improve the appearance of loose skin. It is a minimally invasive treatment that creates tiny injuries in the skin using plasma energy, which stimulates the body’s natural healing response to produce new collagen and elastin fibers. This results in firmer, tighter, and smoother skin.

A handheld device delivers controlled plasma energy to the skin during the treatment.. The energy creates tiny microchannels in the skin, which triggers the body’s natural healing process. As the skin repairs itself, new collagen and elastin fibers are produced, which help to improve skin elasticity and firmness.


Microneedling is a non-surgical treatment that uses a handheld device with tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin. These injuries stimulate the body’s natural healing process and increase collagen production, which can help improve the appearance of loose skin.

During the treatment, the handheld device is passed over the skin, creating tiny punctures on the surface. These punctures trigger the body’s natural healing response, prompting the production of new collagen and elastin fibers. This process can help improve the texture and tone of the skin and firm and tighten loose skin over time.

One of the benefits of microneedling is that it can be customized to address different concerns and target various areas of the body, including the face, neck, arms, and abdomen. Microneedling can also be combined with other treatments, such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, to enhance its benefits further.

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment, meaning that little to no downtime is required. Patients may experience some redness and mild swelling immediately after the treatment, but this typically resolves within a few days.


Yes, you can tighten loose skin. The key to tightening loose skin is stimulating collagen and elastin production, which are the building blocks of healthy skin. Medical spas offer various treatments that can help tighten and firm up loose skin. These treatments include Accent Prime, Opus Plasma, and microneedling.

Unfortunately, loose skin after weight loss does not go away. Many people who lose weight may be left with loose, sagging skin that can be difficult to address without medical intervention. However, with the proper treatment, you can significantly improve the appearance of loose skin.

The only way to tighten loose skin is by stimulating collagen and elastin production, which can be achieved through treatments such as Accent Prime, Opus Plasma, and microneedling. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, can also help improve the appearance of loose skin.

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