PRP Hair Restoration

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What is PRP hair restoration?

PRP hair restoration is a non-surgical three-step medical treatment that effectively treats thinning hair. Both male and female patients can benefit from this treatment. Essentially the process is simple; blood is drawn from a patient, processed, and injected into the scalp. This simple process increases the blood supply near the hair follicle, nourishing hair follicles to trigger natural hair growth and increase the hair shaft’s thickness.

Man receiving PRP Hair Restoration

How do PRP hair restoration treatments work?

Man receiving PRP Hair Restoration

PRP hair restoration is a process that uses your blood to nourish the hair follicles in your scalp. It is a natural and effective way to treat thinning areas where you’d like to see thicker hair. We draw a small amount of blood from the arm and then place it in a centrifuge to process. This process allows us to break down the components of your blood and extract the platelet-rich plasma, which we then inject into the scalp. The stem cells in the PRP awaken the hair root and incite healthy hair growth.

As a result, previously dormant hair follicles become stronger and thicker. Over time, as your hair volume increases, the hairs take up a greater surface area that covers more of your scalp for thicker hair.

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Am I a good candidate for hair restoration?

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Ideal candidates for PRP hair restoration are in good health, are non-smokers, and want to see thicker and fuller hair on their scalp. Because this process requires blood to be drawn, it’s essential to report all medications you’re on before the procedure, including supplements and herbs. 

You would not be an ideal candidate for this procedure if you are currently on blood thinners, a heavy smoker, or have a history of alcohol or drug misuse. If you have questions or want to know more about this procedure and if it’s right for you, call our office today and schedule a consultation. Our talented medical staff can answer all your questions.

Women after PRP Hair Restoration

What are the benefits of PRP hair restoration?

Many people suffer from hair loss or a lack of hair due to stress, hormonal fluctuations, accidents, genetics, or natural aging. Hair loss can make you look older and feel less confident and less like yourself. PRP hair restoration is a safe and effective way to treat this issue. Everyone wants to look their best and feel like themselves when they look in the mirror; if hair loss is affecting you in this way, PRP might be a perfect solution for you!

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PRP Hair Restoration FAQs

PRP hair restoration treats hair loss on the scalp. Both male and female patients can use this procedure to treat hair loss. Call our office today and set up your consultation if you think PRP hair restoration might be right for you. We can answer any questions you might have and help you plan your treatment schedule.

Most patients find this procedure to be very tolerable. If you are concerned about discomfort, it’s best to discuss this with the medical team at Coastal Aesthetics during your consultation. However, it’s important to avoid NSAID medications before your treatments as this can thin your blood and affect your results. 

Although unlikely, any therapy that involves injections carries a risk of side effects such as injury to blood vessels or nerves, infection, calcification at the injection points, or scar tissue. However, working with highly trained medical professionals like the specialists at Coastal Aesthetics can significantly reduce these risks. 


After your treatment is complete, it’s best to wait 24 hours before washing your hair so that the skin can recover. It’s also best to avoid combing or brushing the hair or applying other activities that could irritate your scalp during the first 48 hours. Once the initial 48 hours have passed, you can resume caring for your hair as usual. 


Patients love PRP therapy because they can quickly see a difference in their hair. Although hair growth doesn’t happen instantly, many patients report that they notice their hair begins to look shinier and healthier soon after their treatment. You’re going to love your results. Call us today to set up your consultation!

Most PRP therapy requires three treatments 4–6 weeks apart, with maintenance treatments needed every 4-6 months.


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