Stubborn & Excess Body Fat

Stubborn & Excess Body Fat Overview

Body fat is a natural and essential component of our bodies, serving various functions such as insulation, protection and energy storage. However, excess body fat can lead to cosmetic concerns, impacting both physical and mental well-being.

At Coastal Aesthetics, we understand the frustrations with excess body fat, especially as shedding stubborn fat becomes more challenging with age. This article will examine common trouble spots, discuss reasons for unsuccessful fat loss attempts and introduce potential solutions, including the most effective treatments.

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Causes of Body Fat Accumulation

The accumulation of body fat is influenced by a combination of factors including genetics, diet, physical activity, hormonal imbalances and lifestyle choices. Consuming more calories than the body burns results in excess energy being stored as fat. Furthermore, hormonal changes, especially imbalances in insulin and cortisol, can promote fat storage, particularly in the abdominal region.

Age and Stubborn Fat

As we age, our metabolism tends to slow down, leading to a decline in muscle mass and an increase in body fat. This shift is partly due to hormonal changes, specifically a decrease in growth hormone levels and an increase in insulin resistance. With age, the body becomes more resistant to the effects of insulin, making it harder to regulate blood sugar levels and increasing the likelihood of fat storage.

Common Trouble Spots for Excess Fat

Excess body fat tends to accumulate in certain areas of the body, commonly referred to as “trouble spots.” These areas vary among individuals but often include the abdomen, hips, thighs, and upper arms. The distribution of fat in these spots is influenced by genetics and hormones, making it difficult to target specific areas through exercise alone.

Challenges in Losing Stubborn Fat

Losing excess body fat can be a challenging endeavor, particularly when it comes to stubborn fat that seems resistant to diet and exercise. Genetic factors play a significant role in determining where your body stores and loses fat. Some individuals are genetically predisposed to store fat in certain areas, making it harder to lose fat from those spots.

Hormones like estrogen, insulin and cortisol can influence fat storage and metabolism. Hormonal imbalances can hinder fat loss efforts, especially in women during different life stages. Other factors such as poor sleep, chronic stress and inadequate physical activity can also contribute to stubborn fat.

Effective Strategies for Getting Rid of Stubborn Body Fat

  • Balanced Diet – Focus on a well-rounded and balanced diet that includes lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Avoid or limit processed foods, sugary snacks and excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates.
  • Caloric Deficit – Weight loss occurs when you consume fewer calories than you expend. Calculate your maintenance calories and create a modest caloric deficit through a combination of diet and exercise. 
  • Strength Training – Incorporate strength training exercises to build lean muscle mass. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, and increasing your muscle mass can help boost your metabolism over time. 
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief periods of rest. It can help improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and increase your metabolic rate even after the workout is done.
  • Cardiovascular Exercise – Regular aerobic exercise, such as running, swimming, or cycling, can help burn calories and improve overall fitness.
  • Mindful Eating – Pay attention to your hunger and fullness cues. Eat slowly and mindfully to avoid overeating. Portion control is crucial, even when consuming healthy foods.
  • Stay Hydrated – Drinking enough water can help control hunger, boost metabolism, and support overall bodily functions. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water per day.
  • Adequate Sleep – Quality sleep is essential for weight loss and overall health. Lack of sleep can disrupt hormones that regulate appetite and metabolism, making it harder to lose weight. 
  • Nutrient Timing – Consider eating protein-rich meals after your workouts to support muscle recovery and growth. This can also help control your appetite.
  • Limit Alcohol Intake – Alcoholic beverages can contribute a significant amount of empty calories to your diet. Moderate your alcohol consumption to support your fat loss goals.

Innovative Treatments for Stubborn Fat

Coastal Aesthetics offers two incredible treatments to effectively ease the look of stubborn body fat, TruSculpt ID and TruSculpt Flex.

TruSculpt ID Targets Stubborn Fat with Radiofrequency

TruSculpt ID is a non-invasive body sculpting technology that utilizes radiofrequency (RF) energy to target and eliminate stubborn fat. This treatment is particularly effective for areas like the abdomen, flanks, thighs and under the chin. 

During the treatment, a handheld device is applied to the skin in the targeted area. The device emits controlled RF energy, which heats the underlying fat layers without causing harm to the skin’s surface. The RF energy also heats the fat cells, causing them to reach a temperature at which they undergo apoptosis, a natural process of cell death. Over the following weeks, the body’s lymphatic system gradually eliminates the destroyed fat cells.

Results become visible over the weeks following the treatment as the body processes and eliminates the targeted fat cells. Multiple sessions may be recommended to achieve optimal results.

TruSculpt Flex: Enhancing Muscle Tone and Strength

While TruSculpt ID focuses on reducing fat, TruSculpt Flex is designed to improve muscle tone and strength through muscle stimulation. This treatment uses Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to target specific muscle groups and mimics various types of muscle movements, such as twisting, squatting, and crunching. This comprehensive approach ensures all aspects of muscle development are addressed.

There’s minimal to no downtime associated with TruSculpt Flex. Patients can resume regular activities immediately after the session. Over the weeks following treatment, muscles become more toned and defined, contributing to an enhanced physique.

Combining TruSculpt ID and Flex for Comprehensive Results

Combining TruSculpt ID and Flex can offer comprehensive results by simultaneously addressing both stubborn fat and muscle tone to ease concerns about excess body fat. This approach provides a balanced and holistic approach to body contouring and enhances overall body aesthetics.


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Excess body fat tends to accumulate in specific areas based on genetics and hormonal factors, commonly seen around the abdomen, hips, thighs, and upper arms.

Difficulty in losing fat can stem from various factors like a lack of caloric deficit, hormonal imbalances, inadequate exercise variety, or not addressing lifestyle factors like sleep and stress.

To tackle stubborn body fat, focus on a balanced diet, regular strength and HIIT workouts, mindful eating, sufficient sleep, and stress management, while being patient and consistent for sustainable results. Innovative treatments like TruSculpt ID and TruSculpt Flex are also effective in easing the look of stubborn & excess body fat.

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