PRP & Micro-Needling

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling has been around since the ’90s but has been gaining popularity recently thanks to new technologies, like SkinPen, and new products like PRP serum. Patients love this skin-rejuvenating option because it’s minimally invasive, requires little downtime, and offers impressive benefits across various skin conditions.

Microneedling safely wounds the skin with tiny needles to stimulate collagen production as part of the healing process. The benefits of this therapy (also sometimes referred to as collagen induction therapy) include an increase in natural collagen production and a reduction in the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. Microneedling can also produce impressive results in evening-out skin tone, reducing scars and other minor skin issues.  


What is the SkinPen?

As we age, collagen production begins to slow naturally, which causes the skin to lose elasticity and sag and wrinkles to form. In addition, as we age, there is increased sun and environmental pollution exposure, which can make the pores appear enlarged with age. These changes can prematurely age our skin. However, thanks to new technology in the SkinPen and PRP serum, you can turn back the hands of time and keep your youthful glow. 

We utilize a tool called the SkinPen, which is the only device cleared by the FDA for Class II microneedling. SkinPen uses revolutionary technology to create micro-injuries that stimulate collagen production, enhancing the skin’s youthful appearance. 

Essentially, these micro-injuries cause minor stress to the skin. However, the process boosts collagen as the skin heals, which also improves its texture and tone. The increase of collagen helps to fade the look of scars, plump the skin enough to diminish the appearance of fine lines, and evens out the tone and texture of the skin. Microneedling is commonly used on the face, and it can also be used to treat the neck and chest.

At Coastal, we combine the impressive effects of the SkinPen with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which is a nonsurgical facial rejuvenation method that uses your growth factors to stimulate healing and repair.

Anti-Aging Guide CTA
Anti-Aging Guide CTA

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With PRP & Micro-Needling

What is PRP Serum?

PRP is a natural blood product that contains properties responsible for healing and repairing. Our board-certified Nurse Practitioner will draw blood from your arm and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the different components of the blood. Once split from the blood, the plasma will contain a higher-than-average concentration of platelets (hence the name, Platelet Rich Plasma). Platelets are a unique component in the blood that helps tissue to heal and grow new cells. When injected into specific areas of the face (and even scalp), it acts as a catalyst that stimulates the body’s natural collagen production. The regeneration of tissue smooths and tightens the skin. PRP is known to soften wrinkles and create smoother skin while improving texture and tone. 

Although this procedure is minimally invasive, our talented staff will go above and beyond to ensure your comfort throughout the process. You’re going to love your results. 

Am I a good candidate for microneedling?

The best candidates for microneedling are not currently pregnant and haven’t recently undergone radiation treatments. In addition, they are non-smokers and in good general health with no preexisting skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis. Ideal candidates also have realistic expectations about the results of this procedure and can commit to at least three sessions for optimal results, and will intentionally give their skin the time and care it needs to heal between sessions.

What are the benefits of microneedling?

Microneedling is a great way to freshen up your skin and create that lit-from-within glow while improving skin texture. Microneedling also helps reduce the size of the pores, improve the look of age spots, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, it can soften scars (even acne scars). Many patients report a youthful glow and restored fullness to their skin after the healing process is complete. 

Microneedling FAQs

What are the target areas for microneedling?

Microneedling is a procedure used most commonly on the neck and face. It targets the following areas. If you think microneedling is for you, give us a call to book your consultation.

  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged pores
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Uneven skin tone
What is the recovery like, and are there any side effects?

All cosmetic procedures have the potential for adverse reactions; however, those odds are minimal. The most common side effect reported after microneedling is minor skin irritation immediately following the procedure. In addition, some patients experience redness on the treated areas for a few days or a feeling of sensitivity. However, this is short-lived and does not occur in all patients. 

Microneedling doesn’t require much downtime to recover. Some patients with sensitive skin experience minor skin irritation in the first few days, typical of the healing process. The majority of our patients can return to work the same day as treatment. It’s best to give your skin a little TLC in the days following this treatment. Wear SPF on the treated areas and avoid extreme sun exposure.  


The results from your microneedling session will be visible within a few weeks of your first session. To obtain the maximum benefits of microneedling, we will design an optimal treatment plan. Usually, patients book three sessions to achieve their desired results, but every patient is different. We can help you determine your best treatment plan, as well as maintenance sessions to help you maintain your new look.

How many treatments should I get?

Even just one treatment will make a noticeable difference. However, when you call to book your consultation, our talented staff will be able to answer all your questions and help you create an optimal treatment plan for all your aesthetic needs. Most patients book three sessions to achieve their optimal results.

Why should I choose Coastal Aesthetics for
my microneedling?

Since 2017, Kimberlee Smith, FNP, and her team have served the coastal York, Maine community. Patients love working with the medical staff at Coastal due to their acute attention to detail, precision treatment, and attentive patient care. Our team seeks to improve upon natural beauty. We have a reputation for excellence, and we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself. 

Kimberlee has a medical background in urgent care, but as she moved into the Medical Aesthetics world, she received advanced training at the Esthetics Skin Institute and National Laser Institute in Boston, MA. She has also earned the elite status of Master Injector from the prestigious Allergan company. Quality service, safety, and optimal patient care are her primary concerns, which is why she only works with the best of the best. You’re going to love the whole team.  

Are you ready to see what a difference Coastal Aesthetics can make for you? We want you to look and feel your best. When you come in for your consultation, you’ll be able to ask any questions you have, and our professional staff will help you establish a treatment plan for optimal results. You won’t be disappointed.

Call us now to book your consultation and start your journey to a better you today!

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