Cellulite Reduction

Body contouring and skin renewal system

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is a common skin condition that affects most women as they age (men don’t experience cellulite as frequently). This familiar yet harmless condition is commonly found on the buttocks, thighs, hips, and abdomen and causes the skin to look lumpy, wavy, or dimpled. These changes in the contours of the body can make some people self-conscious. Luckily, a safe, easy, effective non-surgical solution for cellulite reduction is available to patients in Maine.

What is Accent Prime?

Accent Prime is a first-of-its-kind total body contouring and skin renewal system. It’s safe for all skin types and can be individualized to treat your specific problem areas. Patients love Accent Prime because it is effective on the face and body, offering fat reduction and skin tightening, reducing cellulite, and rejuvenating the skin. 

This revolutionary technology uses radiofrequency energy for targeting and gradually heats deep within the dermis layer. The effect is a highly customizable treatment that can be focused on specific issues and custom treatments. It tightens the skin and penetrates deep into the tissue to disrupt and destroy fat cells. The combination is tighter skin and less fat, resulting in impressive results with little to no downtime.

Anti-Aging Guide CTA
Anti-Aging Guide CTA

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Is It Safe?

Yes! Accent Prime is the only ultrasound treatment that is FDA approved for the face and body, and the only treatment FDA approved to treat the chin, double chin, and jowl area. This non-invasive device uses advanced technology to achieve tighter skin while simultaneously reducing fat to smooth cellulite while eliminating fat on the body. You’ll love your results; call us today to set up your appointment and see the difference Accent Prime could make for you.

Is Accent Prime Right For Me?

The best candidates for Accent Prime are in good health and have problems with small amounts of excess fat or loose skin. As well as realistic ideas about the results of this procedure and are committed to a series of treatments that might be necessary to achieve optimal results. 

Accent Prime treatments are an excellent non-surgical option for those who wish to lift, tighten, or firm-specific areas of their bodies, have a BMI under 30, and are not currently pregnant. Patients love this non-invasive treatment because of its dramatic results and low recovery time.

Does It Hurt?

Accent Prime is an excellent treatment for skin tightening and cellulite reduction. Patients love it because it can be performed in about an hour without downtime. That means you can return to your normal activities immediately following your treatment.

We perform Accent Prime using a device held over the treatment area in a gentle massage-like fashion. No pain or discomfort is associated with this treatment. We perform Accent Prime treatment in our state-of-the-art office while you comfortably relax in one of our treatment rooms during your session. Once the treatment is complete, you can return to your normal activities. While you’ll notice a difference after each treatment, the full results are seen over time and after several sessions.

Are The Results Permanent?

Accent Prime permanently destroys specific fat cells, which exit the body through its natural lymphatic system. However, no procedure can keep you from gaining weight in the future. Most patients who lead a healthy lifestyle enjoy the benefits from these treatments for years, with only an occasional need for maintenance treatments if they continue to lead a healthy lifestyle focusing on diet and exercise.

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Why should I choose Coastal Aesthetics for
my Cellulite Reduction treatment?

Kimberlee Smith, FNP, has worked in the medical field for more than ten years. She received advanced training at the Esthetics Skin Institute and National Laser Institute in Boston, MA, and various private training throughout the country to continuously advance her skills and stay up-to-date on safety. She also earned the elite status of Master Injector from Allergan (the manufacturer of Botox).

Since 2017, Kimberlee and her medical team have served the coastal York, Maine community. Patients love working with the staff at Coastal Aesthetics because of their thoughtful attention to detail, precision treatment, and attentive patient care. In addition, our team seeks to improve upon natural beauty. We have a reputation for excellence, and we can’t wait for you to see it yourself. 

Are you ready to see what a difference Coastal Aesthetics can make for you? Then, call us today at 207-363-2300 to book your consultation. You won’t be disappointed.

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