BeautiFill Fat Transfer

What is BeautiFill?

BeautiFill is a new FDA-approved device produced by Alma Lasers. It is laser-based liposuction and is different from other laser liposuction procedures and machines on the market. In addition, the BeautiFill system is far superior to all previous fat transfer methods due to its fat harvesting method which allows us to re-inject your fat to desired areas such as the face, hands, breast, and butt. 

The BeautiFill system is revolutionizing the aesthetics industry with its groundbreaking technology that safely removes fat that is more uniform, undamaged, and has a much higher survival rate for injection. Additionally, the BeautiFill system introduces a new process that simultaneously uses a laser to break down fat while gently suctioning it out to process it rapidly. The system also efficiently uses thermal energy to tighten the skin where the fat cells are removed, so there is no sagging skin after the fat removal. 

BeautiFill is a minimally invasive surgical micro-fat transfer solution that uses laser energy to loosen and remove unwanted pockets of fat. The fat is transferred to areas that need more volume. The fat removal and transfer are done in one treatment. 

BeautiFill is a device that combines gentle laser liposuction and the processing of fat cells for fat transfer to another area, all in one step. This process creates fat cells with extraordinary vitality for natural aesthetic contouring. In addition, BeautiFill can use fat from a donor area on your body to naturally smooth and volumize the face, hands, and body. It can even rejuvenate depressed scars naturally.

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With BeautiFill Fat Transfer

What is a fat transfer? Is it safe?

Until now, fat transfer treatments typically involved a time-consuming extraction process (using traditional liposuction) with higher risk and unreliable results. Before developing high vitality fat transfers offered through BeautiFill, other devices and technologies often damaged fat cells during the removal process. Traditional fat transfer procedures boast a harvested fat viability with only a 50-85% survival rate. With the patented advanced technology of BeautiFill, this viability increases to over 95%. The more fat that lives post-procedure means, the better and longer-lasting the results.

With traditional fat transfer procedures, providers couldn’t predict fat reabsorption rates and it was common for patients to lose most of the fat transferred in the first year. As a result, many patients were overfilled, underfilled, or left with fat in areas where they didn’t want it due to the unpredictable nature.

How does BeautiFill work?

The process gently heats the tissue surrounding fat cells at the donor site. (This varies from patient to patient; common areas include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or love BeautifFill Fat Transfer Machinehandles.) This gentle heating allows for more fat removal. This process also removes any oil, blood, or fibrous tissue from the harvested fat so that the fat is as pure as possible. The results from this process are small uniform fat cells with a higher rate of viability which until now has been unachievable. 

Before your procedure, we will administer a local anesthetic to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Then, we will use laser energy to loosen fat from the donor area gently; the live fat cells are purified within a closed harvesting system before being injected into your desired treatment areas. Popular areas to receive fat injections are the cheeks, around the mouth, the lips, hands, breasts, or buttocks.

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BeautiFill Fat Transfer Treatment FAQs

Am I a good candidate for BeautiFill Fat Transfer?

Suitable candidates for BeautiFill are in good health, are non-smokers, and are not currently pregnant. If you have been reluctant to explore the world of fat grafting due to fear that the results will not be what you envisioned, you might be an excellent candidate for BeautiFill.

If you are interested in undergoing a procedure to eliminate fat from problem areas while rejuvenating your face and body, BeautiFill may be right for you. However, if you have any hesitations or questions, call our office. When you book your consultation, our professional medical staff will address all your concerns, expectations, and desired results.

What are the benefits of BeautiFill?

The BeautiFill system produces high vitality fat grafting. Benefits of this service include:

  • Faster treatment than typical fat grafting procedures
  • Groundbreaking level of fat cell viability with over 90% providing predictable results
  • Fewer side effects and less bodily trauma than traditional liposuction
  • Minimal post-procedure pain
  • Safe and effective for most patients.

Patients love BeautiFill because of its dramatic results. Kim and her talented medical staff at Coastal Aesthetics can enhance your facial or body contours while also removing additional fat and further contouring while tightening the skin in the donor area. As a result, BeautiFill provides a smoother and easier recovery than traditional liposuction, with the added benefit of highly viable fat transfers to areas you’d like to enhance. In addition, we can use this combination of procedures to enhance or even fully rejuvenate the face or body if there is a loss of volume or loose skin.

What target areas do you treat?

With BeautiFill, patients can treat most parts of the body or face. BeautiFill can also be used as a method for liposuction alone. BeautiFill is an excellent fat removal method, and it shortens the entire treatment process. Common treatment areas are:

  • Frontal abdominal area
  • Flanks, or the side area of your abdomen and back
  • Chest 
  • Neck and chin 
  • Hips and thighs
  • Upper arms, which can shape the biceps
  • Back 
  • Inner knees
What is recovery like? Are there any side effects?

Recovery varies slightly from patient to patient and depends on the areas treated during your procedure and how your body heals. However, BeautiFill is optimal for a quick recovery. In addition, the risk for complications or infection is extremely low because the body will not reject its own fat. All these factors allow you to get back to your daily routine faster than typical fat transfer procedures. 

Depending on the treated areas, we might recommend you plan on taking 5-7 days to recover (this may mean taking time off from work). If you have fat transferred to the buttocks or chest, you mustn’t put pressure on those areas for the first two weeks following the procedure.  Sitting on your bottom (it’s best to buy an inflatable donut to make sitting more comfortable) or lying flat on your chest may compromise the results of your treatment. If you have fat transferred into the face, we recommend being gentle on the face and not rubbing or massaging the treated areas for two weeks following your procedure. Swelling and bruising are common and typically resolve on their own within a week or two.

How long do results last?

BeautiFill results are incredibly long-lasting. Technically, the transplanted fat is permanent. However, changes in your weight and the natural aging process can produce small changes that may affect your results. Despite that, patients are generally thrilled with their results for many years to come. At Coastal Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on providing you with realistic and natural results.

Why should I choose Coastal Aesthetics for
my BeautiFill treatment?

Owner Kimberlee Smith, FNP, has been working in the medical field for many years and has done extensive research to determine which devices and treatments are safest, FDA approved, and result-driven. Kimberlee and her medical staff have received extensive training from both device companies, Cutera and Alma Lasers, to ensure you have a safe and successful treatment. In addition, Kimberlee works closely with Alma Lasers and has before-and-after photos from consented patients published by both companies based upon dramatically successful patient results.

Since 2017, Kimberlee Smith, FNP, and her medical team have served the coastal York, Maine, community. Patients love working with the staff at Coastal due to their acute attention to detail, precision treatment, and attentive patient care. The team seeks to improve upon natural beauty and has an outstanding reputation for excellence.

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