What is KYBELLA?

As we age, it’s common for our bodies to accumulate fat in stubborn areas that can be unflattering. Beyond aging, genetics can also play a role in how our bodies carry weight and where fat is stored. In the past, having an excess amount of fat under the chin and along the jawline was just part of life unless you wanted an expensive and invasive plastic surgery. KYBELLA is the only FDA-approved injection available to help improve the appearance of moderate to severe submental fat by permanently destroying fat cells. 

Injecting KYBELLA into the fatty tissue beneath the chin eliminates fat cells with a synthetic version of a naturally occurring acid already found in the human body that is used to break down dietary fat. The injections destroy the fat cells, which the body naturally removes through its lymphatic system. The best part is that the fat cell destruction is permanent, meaning that once you achieve your desired results, further treatments aren’t necessary for maintenance.

How does KYBELLA work?

Unlike some cosmetic injections, KYBELLA is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, KYBELLA works to destroy fat cells resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness.

Many patients want to know if the results from KYBELLA are permanent, and technically it is. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they can no longer store or accumulate fat. So further treatment is not needed once you achieve your aesthetic goal. However, KYBELLA cannot prevent you from gaining weight in the future, so the best way to preserve your results is to maintain a healthy weight. 

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Common Questions about KYBELLA®

The best candidates for KYBELLA have an excess amount of submental fat (fat beneath the chin and along the jawline) that they wish to remove. Ideal candidates are in good overall health and are non-smokers who do not have any ongoing or chronic health conditions that affect the jawline, neck, or underneath the chin. Kybella is a safe and effective treatment that many patients have come to love. If you think Kybella is right for you or have questions, call our office today to book a consultation.

There are several benefits to KYBELLA including:


  1. It is made from an acid that occurs naturally in the body, making it safe and effective.
  2. It’s a non-invasive and gentle way to eliminate the fat accumulated under the chin.
  3. KYBELLA has an incredibly high patient satisfaction score, offers permanent results, and provides patients with a more youthful chin-to-neck transition that was previously only available through surgery. 

KYBELLA is the first non-surgical FDA-approved treatment for treating moderate to severe submental fat in adults, also known as a double chin. Patients love KYBELLA because it’s an easy, non-invasive alternative to liposuction and other invasive procedures to treat this common problem area. KYBELLA is also significantly more affordable than other more invasive treatments for this area. Although KYBELLA is only FDA-approved to treat fat under the chin, it  will likely be approved for a wider variety of treatment areas in the future.

You are able to perform your usual activities after treatment, but you are likely to experience swelling to your chin so you should plan work and social events accordingly.


Swelling typically lasts 48-72 hours, with the worst swelling experienced during the first 48 hours. You may also experience redness, numbness, bruising, and mild discomfort or pain.

Patients love KYBELLA because of the dramatic results that are attainable through this quick and easy treatment. The entire office visit will take about 30 minutes. During that time, you will receive a series of injections into the area underneath the chin. You will be given an ice pack to apply immediately after. Make sure you have additional ice packs at home to continue using as this will help ease any discomfort and prevent swelling. 


After your treatment, you’ll be able to resume your regular schedule, but you are likely to experience swelling to your chin, so you should plan work and social events accordingly. Swelling is the most common side effect of treatment, and it typically lasts 48-72 hours, with the worst swelling experienced during the first 48 hours. Some patients experience redness, numbness, bruising, and mild discomfort or pain. These can be treated with an over-the-counter pain reliever and ice and typically resolve within the first few days.

Our medical team will determine the number of treatments needed during your initial consultation. This appointment is a great time to ask any questions you might have. Our talented staff will examine the amount of submental fat you’d like to treat, and you can discuss your desired outcome, and we will develop a treatment plan. On average, between three and six treatments are needed, spaced no less than four weeks apart. Everyone is evaluated and treated on an individual basis; therefore, your treatment may vary from this.


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